Kirkkonummi’s social welfare and health care services during the coronavirus pandemic

01.04.2020 08:40

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Social services

Family services and child welfare services

Child protection services are working. Families with children are offered social services based on assessment of need. We have increased our telephone counselling services and now have two service numbers that you can use to reach a professional social worker between 8–15 on weekdays.

The telephone numbers are 040 5739193 and 050 588 0990.

We have a mobile team that can respond to the different needs of families. Partners in cooperation and families can contact both the service numbers and the social workers that are responsible for families.

Adult social services and services for immigrants

Telephone services Mon, Wed, Fri 9.00–11.00 and Tue, Thu 12.00–14.00, telephone 040 126 9563

You can use our telephone services if you are 18–64 years old and need support or advice relating to your situation (e.g. finances, separations, living, substance abuse or sudden life changes) or if you have questions about social work for adults, supplementary or preventive income support.

Social workers’ telephone hour weekdays 12–13:

Youth team (ages 18–29) social worker 040 126 9561

Working age team (ages 30-64) social worker (last names starting with the letters A - Le) 040 126 9560, social worker (last names Lf - Ö) 040 126 9569

Elderly team (65 years and older) social worker 040 126 9676, social work instructor 040 126 9509

Telephone hours of the immigration social work instructors:

Social work instructor 040 126 9814, Mon–Fri 12–13

Social work instructor 040 126 9803, Mon–Thu 8–16, Fri 8–15

Social work instructor 040 126 9698, Mon–Thu 8–16, Fri 8–15

Health services

In urgent matters (first aid), the Kirkkonummi Health Centre is open every day from 8.00–20.00

The Health Centre’s telephone number for matters concerning the coronavirus is 09 2968 3401 Mon–Thu from 8–15.30 and Fri 8–15. Unfortunately, our telephone lines are often busy because of many queries. The HUS (Helsinki University Hospital) Medical Helpline is open 24/7 at the number 116 117. The national helpline that provides general information on coronavirus issues and is open weekdays 8–21 and Saturdays 9–15, tel. 0295 535 535.

There is a separate waiting room for patients with respiratory symptoms at Kirkkonummi’s main Health Centre. The initial assessment of the need for treatment of patients with respiratory symptoms is done over the telephone.

Non-urgent appointments are mainly still valid. If you do not receive notification of cancellation you can come to the appointment. We recommend that you cancel your appointment if you start to have respiratory infection symptoms.

The Children’s Health Clinic is open normally as long as the circumstances and personnel resources allow. Come to the clinic only if you are completely healthy. If possible, leave siblings at home and spend as little time as possible in the clinic’s waiting room. You can also contact the nurses by telephone. We have tried to minimise the amount of home visits. Family guidance counsellors give advice mainly over the telephone or on home visits outdoors. Appointments with the Children’s Clinic’s psychologist have not been cancelled and the psychologist can also be contacted by telephone.   

In matters concerning school children you can contact the school nurses by telephone. The school nurses are available at the schools upon appointment.  If you have an appointment and it has not been cancelled, you can come to the appointment.  

At this point we also aim to continue carrying out the medical exams required by the Defence Forces. Please note that you can come to an appointment only if you are completely healthy.

Urgent dental services are available. Appointments are made and the need for treatment is assessed over the telephone. Non-urgent appointments of people in the risk groups are cancelled, for others only limited treatment is available. Use the main entrance to the Dental Clinic or the door on the side of the building that faces Virkatie (the train station).

Capacity support services

Group functions, the sheltered workshop for the disabled and rehabilitating work activity are suspended or closed, but customers will be contacted by telephone if necessary.

Services other than the ones mentioned above are working normally. You can go to an appointment that has been reserved but if possible, considering the customer’s situation, remote connections are also used. This is agreed on in advance with the customer. Telephone services have been increased and will be expanded according to need. Up-to-date information for each function is found on each service’s webpage on the municipality’s website.

Customers of the mental health and substance abuse services can use the “Ota yhteyttä - Contact us” button on the municipality’s website.

Substance abuse services are available every day from 12–15 at Virkatie 1, door B, tel. 050 4140 979.

The telephone services of the Mental Health Services are open Mon-Fri 12–14, tel. 040 535 4919

Between 23 March and 12 April, the Disability Services are open on weekdays (Mon–Fri) from 13–14, tel. 09 29671.

The Youth Welfare Station’s telephone line 040 772 8124 is open Tue 10-11 and Thu 12-18. At other times you can send a SMS or leave a voice message.

The Family Clinic’s telephone services are open Mon–Thu 12-13 and Fri 9–10, tel. 040 1269 249

Services for the elderly

Round-the-clock care facilities are functioning normally, but no visitors are allowed.

Home care services serve their current customers as usual and new customers are admitted according to the current criteria for receiving home care.

The telephone line for senior citizens is 040 1269 900.

Day services for the elderly and Friday and Monday cafés are closed.

Respite care phases are cancelled if possible.

The Memory Clinic works mainly over the telephone.